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Bulk Products


Black Dyed Mulch $31.00 per cubic yard

Black dyed Mulch consists of mostly bark and is colored black. This color typically lasts for a few months until fading to a lighter shade. The sizing of this bark is slightly larger than the triple ground pieces which may take longer to break down to organic matter.


Triple Ground Mulch $27.00 per cubic yard

Triple Ground Mulch is mostly bark mulch that breaks down faster due to its smaller sizes. This makes Triple ground better for planting beds, adding organic material to the soil. The color is dark brown when applied and ages to a light brown.






Playground Mulch $30.00 per cubic yard

Screened Topsoil $ 35.00 per cubic yard

Screened Topsoil is soil that has been run through a screener. Only materials that are smaller than 1 inch in size will be found in screened topsoil. This is great for planting beds, fine grading, and gardens!




Mushroom Compost $25.00 per cubic yard

1-3" River stone $60.00 per cubic yard






2B River stone $43.00 per cubic yard

2B River stone is a sandstone material that is used as decorative stone in landscape beds and in water gardens.



2B Limestone $25.00 per cubic yard

2B Limestone is washed limestone that is fairly consistent in size, about 2 inches. This makes a great backfill for behind retaining walls and around drain pipes.





2A Limestone $23.00 per cubic yard

2A limestone is a mix of limestone sizes from 1/8 inch to 2 inches in size. This material is great for compacting. Typical uses of 2A are for bases under retaining walls and pavers.


Concrete Sand $40.00 per cubic yard

Concrete Sand is brown sand with small pebbles in it. This product is used primarily under pavers and retaining walls as a leveling pad.


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