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Bulk Products


Black Mulch $38.00 per cubic yard

Tru-Bark Dyed mulch is a 100% shredded bark mulch from hardwood trees. Horticulturally, it is one of the best for plants – Breaks down fairly fast, adding organic matter to the soil. The dyed color stays vibrant much longer into the growing season.


Brown Mulch $28.00 per cubic yard

Triple Ground Mulch is mostly bark mulch that breaks down fairly fast adding organic matter to the soil.





Screened Topsoil $ 55.00 per cubic yard

Screened Topsoil is soil that has been run through a screener. Only materials that are smaller than 1 inch in size will be found in screened topsoil. This is great for planting beds, fine grading, and gardens!

Mushroom Compost $30.00 per cubic yard





1-3" River stone $90.00 per cubic yard


2B River stone $70.00 per cubic yard

2B River stone is a sandstone material that is used as decorative stone in landscape beds and in water gardens.





2B Limestone $40.00 per cubic yard

2B Limestone is washed limestone that is fairly consistent in size, about 2 inches. This makes a great backfill for behind retaining walls and around drain pipes.



2A Limestone $35.00 per cubic yard

2A limestone is a mix of limestone sizes from 1/8 inch to 2 inches in size. This material is great for compacting. Typical uses of 2A are for bases under retaining walls and pavers.








Concrete Sand $70.00 per cubic yard

Concrete Sand is brown sand with small pebbles in it. This product is used primarily under pavers and retaining walls as a leveling pad.






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